Recently I had to start writing up a business plan for a startup idea that occurred to me this weekend. Digging around for “How to write a good startup business plan” I wasn’t really able to come up with too much helpful information (at least on the IT side of it, theres gobs of business plan content out there but nothing straight forward).

Here is one very important note to place front in-mind so you know How to write an amazing Startup Business Plan.

Write your Business Plan like a Movie.

“Coming to a mobile device near you, next years most over-hyped & impossible feature set app of the Millennium.”

The Business Plan should read like a movie trailer. Don’t make an entire script for the movie! Just make an abstract, this initial plan should be only a few pages. You can always expand your business plan once your ideas has made millions. 😉

Subject to change but I think the context of your startup business plan should read something like:

  • The People Involved (The Team, Who you know, How well are you known)
  • The Initial Idea/Opportunities
  • Launch Plan
  • Post-Launch Nurturing Plan/Re-marketing
  • Risks/Regulations
  • Competition/Possible Conflicts/Counter Plan *
  • Business Model/Rewards
  • Other Possible Features or Pivots/Long Term Vision

* When I say Counter Plan, I mean come up with ways to overcome conflicts & mitigate risks the business could encounter.

Remember don’t get caught-up in the weeds, just get through the key points front and back and visit details in another round.

I’ll include more examples and notes in the future but feel free to let me know what you think in the comments below.