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Who is OG Programmer?

Self proclaimed computer, Joshua Copeland, has been developing software for over a decade. He started in Java, Microsoft .NET (VB, C#) but over time evolved into using LAMP stacks and a MacBook Pro (best move ever). He has used a broad range of technologies and tools over the years but has now settled in the AWS/Linux/PHP ecosystem. He is now CTO of a Cutting-Edge Technology company called Remote Dev Force that specializes in software development services in PHP based technologies like Symfony, WordPress, Laravel, and more. He also owns Design Bunnies which builds fantastic e-commerce websites with WooCommerce, Shopify, and more. If you care to read more about his tech experiences, visit his LinkedIn. Other personal thoughts/rants can be found in the blog section or the Profession Unknown podcasts. When Josh isn’t busy writing code, making podcast episodes, managing things, he spends time with his family, skateboarding, playing games, or just watching something good on Netflix.


  • PHP Vegas User Group Leader
  • CTO of Engaged Nation
  • Founder of Design Bunnies


  • 10+ Years of Web Development
  • 15+ Years of Software Programming
  • Managed multiple teams of various sizes


To empower others seeking to find “The Hustle Within”. Use whats important to you in your life to drive you to push for more.

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Instagram Release AI to catch Bot Networks & Scripts

Botcalypse Now!Major IG Services & Scripts such as InstaPy Disrupted Overnight by new AI bot detection algo. Things are getting really bad for anyone that relies on automation services to control their IG accounts. Last Wednesday Instagram started banning accounts...

Yelp Search Optimization

Talking with a support person at Yelp, I was able to get some insight into how their search engine works within Yelp. I hope these tips help you place higher for keywords that help you or your customers. To get placed higher in search results within Yelp, you'll want...

This Month in PHP [Nov 2018]

Here are a few interesting things that have recently happened in PHP and the Software Industry. PHP Roundtable Drops their own ElePHPant I'm sure there are only around 100 left for sale, grab yours now. BYOF (Build your...

The Project Managers Circle of Life

Check out this cool graphic made by Jenny Shaver, PM @ AMEX. It displays the steps and the product lifecycle in an effective way. I've used this to show businesses why they fail at planning and executing projects. The original post can be found here.

CES 2018 Review

This year at CES, my Dad and I covered all 3 halls on the last day of the show (Friday). Luckily we didn't go earlier in the week when they had a blackout. The show was filled with all the usual suspects like Intel, Nvidia, Kodak, Samsung, Sony, and more....

This Month in PHP [Nov 2018]

Here are a few interesting things that have recently happened in PHP and the Software Industry. PHP Roundtable Drops their own ElePHPant I'm sure there are only around 100 left for sale, grab yours now. BYOF (Build your...

ElePHPant Template

Hey PHP Friends, I've attached below a template of a PHP ElePHPant in PSD format. You can open it up and change his toe nails, font, text, add your logo. Have fun! Click here to download the ElePHPant template PSD (Photoshop CC)     Thanks to Zend for making...

Proposal for an ElePHPant for PHP Vegas

Lately I've been on an ElePHPant trading stint which all kind of started when I went to twitter and asked the community the following: I've got some #elephpants to exchange. What are my options to seeing if someone can swap me? — Joshua Ray Copeland (@OGProgrammer)...

ZendCon 2017 Recap

ZendCon 2017 has come and gone. I know it was months ago at the time of writing this but.. Better late then never! It was an amazing event to be able to speak at and attend. With how many days the conference is, it really almost is almost like a vacation...