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Who is OG Programmer?

Self proclaimed computer, Joshua Copeland, has been developing software for over a decade. He started in Java, Microsoft .NET (VB, C#) but over time evolved into using LAMP stacks and a MacBook Pro (best move ever). He has used a broad range of technologies and tools over the years but has now settled in the AWS/Linux/PHP ecosystem. He is now CTO of a Cutting-Edge Marketing Technology company called Engaged Nation that specializes in converting “clicks to bricks”. He also owns Design Bunnies which builds small-medium size business & e-commerce websites. If you care to read more about his tech experiences, visit his LinkedIn. My other personal thoughts/rants can be found on my blog or my podcasts. When Josh isn’t busy making episodes, blog posts, managing things, he’s spending time with his family, skateboarding, building/playing games, or thinking of the next big thing.


  • PHP Vegas User Group Leader
  • CTO of Engaged Nation
  • Founder of Design Bunnies


  • 10+ Years of Web Development
  • 15+ Years of Software Programming
  • Managed multiple teams of various sizes


To empower others seeking to find “The Hustle Within”. Use whats important to you in your life to drive you to push for more.

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How to get connected with the PHP community

Get Involved with the PHP Community! One of the biggest things I hear from developers is how to get their name out there and keeps tabs on whats happening in the PHP space. The best advice I can give is to get on twitter and start following the key people that...
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I got a Tesla Model 3 Beta Car!

Proud owner of a Tesla Model 3 Beta Car! I mean check it out guys, took some pictures cause I knew no-one would believe me. I got the plug! Since I'm an Elon Musk fan and proponent of self driving cars, (cause you all suck at driving and computers are better at it...
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How to manually remove an EC2 instance from an AWS ECS cluster

We started using Amazon Web Services EC2 Container Service recently at my day job, Engaged Nation. Docker is somewhat new to me in a production sense and AWS ECS can look incredibly daunting when looking at all the controls. I ran into this situation where my AWS ECS...
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How to Write A Good Startup Business Plan

Recently I had to start writing up a business plan for a startup idea that occurred to me this weekend. Digging around for "How to write a good startup business plan" I wasn't really able to come up with too much helpful information (at least on the IT side of it,...
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