Proud owner of a Tesla Model 3 Beta Car!

I mean check it out guys, took some pictures cause I knew no-one would believe me. I got the plug!

Since I’m an Elon Musk fan and proponent of self driving cars, (cause you all suck at driving and computers are better at it then you are. Period.) I was #7 in line at the Las Vegas Tesla dealership for the Model 3 pre-order night. Elon caught wind of my presence/dedication and hooked it up with an ultra exclusive Tesla Model 3 Beta car!

Getting this car is just the first step in approaching a zero carbon footprint which would have been an unobtainable goal until now. Things like the Tesla battery and the solar roof are also examples of how a zero-carbon foot print is not only possible, but probable.

The car comes with level 9000 auto-pilot driving which lets me make money while I sleep! I just tell the car to go “make me money” and it runs off and Ubers meager humans around in exchange for fiat currency.

Can we pay with TeslaCoin instead of BitCoin for catching rides with these self-aware machines waiting for the right time to attack?

I’ve got a Tesla shirt so that means I’m like “in the know” and stuff.

Elons gremlins just dropped off the Beta Model 3 Car and put ELON4LIFE on it but I’m cool with it.

I’m getting BLOWN up on social media right now and my phone exploded from the paparazzi trying to get me to drive y’all around but ain’t nonoby got time for that.

Here’s some pix to prove it. Proof!

  1. Has Tesla Logo
  2. Says Model 3 on it.
  3. Same shape except this is the hard top version.

Biggest question I’ve been getting is, “Bro how’d you get that? You like Elon musks 2nd cousin or something?”

Well, actually I’m Elon Musks 16th cousin so yea, I’m kind of a big deal.

If you are excited for your Model 3 as I am, follow me on social media and leave a comment with what you have/love about Tesla.

The #ELONLIFE ain’t easy, haters gonna hate. Doers gonna do. That’s how that one goes right?


Also if you haven’t already, go reserve yourself a model 3. I guess pre-orders are said to be in the mid 2018 range but I bet it is more like 2020. Maybe just go buy the X or S if you haz mad ca$h.