Get Involved with the PHP Community!

One of the biggest things I hear from developers is how to get their name out there and keeps tabs on whats happening in the PHP space. The best advice I can give is to get on twitter and start following the key people that interest you. Here are some people I follow and I think you should too.

Not to pigeon hole anyone as they are all very smart in other things, these are topics I just see value they provide in. Most are speakers so I didn’t bother listing that out. I’m sure I am missing key people from this list, just email me or tweet me @OGProgrammer if you think someone is missing from this list.

@SaraMG – PHP Core, Internals, HipHop (in a past life)
@CalEvans – Public Speaking, Podcaster, Nomad PHP
@AdamCulp – PHP Community & Conference Organizer (ZendCon, Sunshine PHP)
@funkatron – Keeps it real, dev mental health (OSMI)
@SammyK – Podcaster, PHP Internals, PHP 7
@seldaek – Packagist, Composer Lead
@Ocramius – Doctrine, Zend
@naderman – Composer, Packagist
@JoePFerguson – PHP Community Organizer
@gonedark – Git
@taylorotwell – Creator of Laravel
@s_bergmann – PHPUnit, Testing
@heiglandreas – PHP.UG maintainer, DateTime ninja, WordPress
@jennybeaumont – WordPress
@miss_jwo – WordPress
@matthewtrask – Phergie IRC plugin, UG/Conf Organizer
@JessicaMauerhan – Sr. PHP Engineer
@CiPHPerCoder – Crypto, Security
@Crell – PHP-FIG, Drupal
@michellesanver – PHP Women
@greydnls – PHP Women, PHP Fig Committee Member
@DragonBe – PHP UG Leader
@skoop – Bug Smasher
@colinodell – PHP League, PHP 7
@adam_englander – BDD, Security, Async & IoT PHP
@Fabpot – Creator of Symfony
@WeaverRyan – KNP University, Amazing Speaker
@dshafik – PHP Developer
@mwop – ZF Developer
@rdohms – PHP Evangelist
@Mark_Baker – PHPOffice
@Ramsey – Community
@MipsyTipsy – Not PHP but Terraform, Management, Leadership, Keeps it ?
@grmpyprogrammer – Author and testing evangelist
@coderabbi – Teacher, UG Organizer
@ircmaxell – Technologist
@pmjones – PHP Expert
@asgrim – DoctrineORM
@codeguy – Slim Framework (Left Twitter but they always come back)
@akrabat – Slim FW Contributor, Author
@TessaMero – Conf Organizer, Cisco Evangelist

Some others to consider:
@PHPArch – Magazine
@PHPFIG – PHP Coding Standards Guide
@thephpleague – Awesome PHP Packages
@ParagonIE – Blog, OS Contribution

If you care about any frameworks in particular, I highly recommend following their official twitter as well as the devs/leaders behind the framework/tool.