If you have a wordpress site you are moving and the domain name is changing, you gotta use the following WP CLI commands to fix your database entries. Use the wp cli command and not some sql replace as there are serialized values in the database.

You can find my GitHub repo with this bash script here 

# Search and replace but skip one column
$ wp search-replace http://example.dev http://example.com –skip-columns=guid
# Run search/replace operation but dont save in database
$ wp search-replace foo bar wp_posts wp_postmeta wp_terms –dry-run
# Run case-insensitive regex search/replace operation (slow)
$ wp search-replace \[foo id=”([0-9]+)” [bar id=”\1″ –regex –regex-flags=i
# Turn your production multisite database into a local dev database
$ wp search-replace –url=example.com example.com example.dev wp_*options wp_blogs
# Search/replace to a SQL file without transforming the database
$ wp search-replace foo bar –export=database.sql
# Bash script: Search/replace production to development url (multisite compatible)
if $(wp –url=http://example.com core is-installed –network); then
wp search-replace –url=http://example.com http://example.com http://example.dev –recurse-objects –network –skip-columns=guid
wp search-replace http://example.com http://example.dev –recurse-objects –skip-columns=guid