This year at CES, my Dad and I covered all 3 halls on the last day of the show (Friday). Luckily we didn’t go earlier in the week when they had a blackout. The show was filled with all the usual suspects like Intel, Nvidia, Kodak, Samsung, Sony, and more. The north hall always has the vehicles and industry related technology like car audio systems. Some worthy call outs in the automotive industry this year at CES are self installing car seats, self driving cars, sick bike mods, trucks & show cars pimped out with speakers/monitors. There is a picture in the gallery below of an RV with a helicopter on the back for the mega-billionaire lifestyle. There is also an international section just north from this but we didn’t cover that hall this year. We’ve been there in past years and I can say that this is the place to get the deals but be careful what you buy. I bought some no name blue tooth controller thinking ill be able to play games on my iphone with it but it’s not compatible with modern games like rockstars GTA series for iOS. I spent $10 on it and maybe should’ve haggled more but I didn’t really get smaller bills before I came so I just has the single bill. It was worth going to CES 2018 for the free swag alone. There are pens, shirts, micro fiber cloths, pop-its, and other cool things up for grabs. If you ever needed a ton of bags, I’d just come to this show and swipe a rack and they’ed probably thank me. Security might stop me on the way out but they gotta be throwing these things away in droves at the end of these shows I’d imagine… Anyway, check out the gallery below and comment if you went or have questions about CES 2018!