Here are a few interesting things that have recently happened in PHP and the Software Industry.

PHP Roundtable Drops their own ElePHPant

I’m sure there are only around 100 left for sale, grab yours now.

BYOF (Build your own Framework) vs OPC (Other Peoples Code)

This weeks discussions on Reddit brought up the age old discussion on Building your own framework Vs Using another Framework. I always recommend choosing a framework that solves your problems. Use what solves your problem the best. Need a blog? Use WordPress. Need to prototype? Use Cake or Laravel. Need a customizable framework? Look at Symfony or Expressive. The problem with making your own framework is security issues, maintainability, tribal knowledge, extensibility, and documentation. Chime in if you think otherwise or agree.

PSR 18 has been accepted , we now have a standard HTTP Client

PHP is Alive! The “PHP is Dead” rumor is dead.

Using PHP as your backend language and js/react for your frontend is an amazing way to architect your system. PHP is not dead but very much alive.

RougeWave Drops Zend Framework Development

At this years ZendCon, some surprising announcements happened. Check out this unofficial article on which covers the drama in detail. Gist is ZF development will shift to a community driven effort and may not be the best choice for new projects unless you’re willing to sponsor the development of it. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out as Magneto uses ZF.

PHP 7.3 RC3 Released

Ramping up the release of PHP 7.3 in December, another release candidate has been released for testing.

Conferences and CFPs

Longhorn PHP CFP is now open through December 15th, 2018.

Intl PHP Conf coming up in June –

PHP Vegas puts PHPlashy on pause

We tried to make PHPlashy a reality but economics said no. Maybe one day I’ll try this again, for now I’ll have the only copy which seems special in it’s own way. I’ll try to partner with a conference or sponsor to try this again. If we get a corporate sponsor to support the PHP Vegas community with a 6k injection into the ElePHPant project then maybe we can try again at a lower minimum like 500 and do a run. In the meantime, it is alone…

Other interesting reads

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